Shipping Methods & Costs

The box looks used? Yes, we reuse “old” boxes to reduce the environmental impact of your order!

Karton-Recycling bei marinSolar

We ship some of our online orders using old, used boxes that we ourselves have receive with deliveries of goods. These well-preserved, used boxes would otherwise just be thrown away. And that’s just because of scratches, peeled labels and old writing? We find it more sensible and ecological to recycle them ourselves and use them again. In this way, the “old box” can full fill another task and no new tree had to be felled in order to ship your online orders and then produce a new box with high energy and water consumption.
We assume that you also like this concept as well?

Shipping within Germany and the EU is usually carried out by DHL / Post. We reserve the right to alternatively ship via UPS to commercial addresses within Germany. In the case of a commercial address* in the EU, outside of Germany, shipping is usually carried out via DHL Germany, who are part of the German Post office. Therefore you might receive the package via your normal postman.

We reserve the right to use other operators to reduce cost or improve service.


All deliveries within Germany are free of charge.

However, for orders below 40 Euros, we charge a small quantity surcharge of 5.90 Euros.

We charge a cash on delivery fee of 7.50 euros for cash on delivery shipments within Germany.

Cash on delivery shipments abroad (only Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Hungary and Czech Republic)
costs 15.00 euros in addition to international shipping.

Shipments and customers outside the EU: Please note that we send orders from outside the EU duty unpaid and without VAT. The shipment will be prepared for customs clearance in the recipient country in accordance with the applicable regulations. You may be required to pay any customs duties and VAT before receiving the goods. Depending on the country, personal collection and inspection at your customs office can also be requested in individual cases.

Shipping abroad is broken down by zone:
(If your country is not on the shortlist, please contact us BEFORE placing your order!)

Zone Countries Charge
Zone 1 Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy, Luxembourg 2,50 Euro
Zone 2 Rest of the EU:
Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden
6,50 Euro
Zone 3 Great Britain,  Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine
(including costs for customs clearance in Germany)
You might be charge additional cost for your local VAT and customs import duties upon delivery.
 15,00 Euro