ewa-marine BV2



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Ewa-Marine BV2 video lead

each 0.7 kg

These lead weights can be placed in lead pockets that are supplied with some housings or hung to lead tiedown attached to some enclosures. Outside the water, the leads may not exert any traction on the belts, as otherwise damage to the housing may occur. If possible, insert the leads when the housing is in the water.

Both leads are covered with latex and therefore cannot scratch your camera.

Please note that the flexible housings behave in the same way as the diver’s water pressure. According to the law of Boyle-Mariotte (pressure x volume = constant) The volume of air in the housing (just like in the lungs, in the jacket and the air bubbles in the neoprene suit) decreases with increasing depth of diving. In other words, a housing that has lifted on the surface is neutral at a certain depth of immersion and then has a certain downforce. This point can be “adjusted” by means of the lead and the amount of air in the housing with some practice before the dive.

These leads can also be used with the U-A and U-B autofocus SLR housing-series.

Also ideal for almost all video cases.

Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 22 × 12 cm