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ewa-marine iWP for Apple iphone, Samsung Galaxy and other smart phones

The IWP protects your smartphone from sand, dust, water and so on. The housing floats and is waterproof. Of course, besides your Apple iphone or Samsung Galaxy, you can also use any other phone inside if it fits the dimensions. The IWP has a special clear slide on the back so you can use your camera from the iphone without any restrictions. With the latest version of the IWP you can now use the cameras of most Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia and other smartphones as well as those of the Apple iphone.

Please note that the IWP can only be used as deep underwater as long as there is enough air in the bag around the iphone. The deeper you go the more pressure acts on the housing, which at some point could trigger your touchscreen or in the worst case could damage the contents.

Dimensions (width x Height): 10 cm x 16 cm

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Dimensions 35 × 22 × 12 cm
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