ewa-marine U-BFZ 100 underwater housing

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ewa-marine U-BFZ 100 flexible housing

Immerse yourself in the new dimension of professional photography:

The U-BFZ100 is a further development of the well-known U-BF and was specially tuned to the needs of the professional photographer and his digital SLR (such as the Nikon D300, D800, D3, D4 and Canon 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, Eos 1DX or the new Leica S).

In contrast to the U-BF, longer lenses can be used in the U-BFZ.
Maximum length for lens plus camera are at U-BFZ100 = 275mm

With the additional integrated glove for the left hand, a further development of the popular U-B series, it is easy to operate the camera and the lens as well as their various components in the housing.

All buttons, switches and rings can be easily operated through the special PVC of the housing.

The U-BFZ100 is the housing for fashion photography in or at pools or on the beach in the surf, sports photography, as well as nature and artistic photography.

But also in areas of application where the camera or the environment must be protected from chemical or biological contamination. However, since both hands of the photographer are firmly connected to the housing, it should be considered that the use in diving is only difficult. Recommended dive depth is 10m.

Please note: With this enclosure you will get an adapter system to connect the lens of the camera to the front glass of the case. In order to accommodate the vast majority of lenses normally used with these cameras, this adapter has a 82mm filter thread. You also get a RA77-82 reducing adaptor to use lenses with 77mm filter threads. If you want to use other, smaller lenses, you would have to buy the corresponding reducing adapters.

The housing is made of special foil and has an integrated optical glass port.

Attention: All the used lenses that you want to use underwater must have internal focus.

Technical data:

Width 285 mm
Height 180 mm
Depth 275 mm
Diameter of the front port 95 mm
Diameter of your lens 82 mm Max. filter thread diameter
Weight 395 g

You will receive the following accessories with your new U-BFZ100 housing:

  • Yellow nylon bag for transport and storage
  • Instruction manual for ewa-marine SLR-housings
  • Desiccant CD5
  • Foam Inserts
  • ewa-marine CA82 Adapter
  • Reducing adapter RA77-82

Additional information

Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 43 × 31 × 16 cm
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20m / 60ft

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