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ewa-marine VPX underwater housing

The ewa-marine VPX housing is specially made for the camcorders Panasonic AG-HPX170, Panasonic AG-HPX171 and the new Panasonic AG-HPX250. The Panasonic AG-AC130 and Panasonic AG-AC160 also fit into the VPX housing.

It is produced from laminated PVC special foil and has an integrated optical plan glass pane. Therefore it is ideal for snorkelling, diving (up to 10m), on the beach, in the desert, in rainy weather or in areas with high humidity.

The closure of the housing consists of two clamping rails, which are screwed together with four screws, thereby sealing the housing waterproof. Lead weights can be attached to the straps on the bottom of the case to confronting the housing.


Length 38cm
Width 8cm
Height 30cm
Position of the viewfinder Large, Central
Diameter of the front port 100mm
Weight 500gr

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 43 × 31 × 16 cm
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10m / 30ft

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