ewa-marine Zoom-Extension



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ewa-marine Zoom-Extension

Some cameras come with very long zoom lenses. Underwater, where you use wide angle, this tends to be no problem in an ewa-marine housing, but, if you want to use the housing on a small boat or around the surface, you might want more zoom, resulting in a longer lens. That is why we developed the ewa-marine ZOOM-Extension. Another accessory to give you more photographic options. It was designed to extend the internal length of the hard front port welded onto selected compact camera housings by an additional 10mm.

The ZOOM-Extension is fitted into the port from the inside of the housing prior to fitting the camera. This will allow you to extend the cameras zoom even further into the port without risking touching the ports glass.

But please note: If you intend to use the camera underwater we recommend using wide angle for better picture quality and removing the ZOOM-Extension. Your camera might vignette (black corners) at wide angle with the extension inserted.

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