Gates 10-25-023 FP34A Flat Port


Gates 10-25-023 FP34A Flat Port

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Gates 10-25-023 FP34A Flat Port

A simple, versatile port, the FP34A is ideal for medium to macro imaging. A diopter on the camera increase magnification for even smaller subjects.

Key features:

  • Versatile: The FP34A allows full camera zoom support for medium to macro imaging
  • Macro Imaging: For tiny critters, the FP34A is perfect for use with close up lenses like +1, +2 and +4 diopters
  • Field Replaceable: The FP34A element is user-changeable in the field.


Material: Optical grade Acrylic / Perspex

Element Diameter / Clear Aperture: 2.8in / 71mm

Depth Rating: 450ft / 137m

Optical Notes: Flat ports reduce Field of View (FOV) by 20% underwater