Gates 90-10-601A Underwater housing for Canon C300 MkII


Gates 90-10-601A UW-housing for Canon C300 MkII

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Gates 90-10-601A Underwater housing for Canon C300 MkII

Like it’s compact predecessor C500, the new Gates C300 MKII Housing is designed specifically to close fit the Canon EOS C300 MKII camera.  That means it’s small and travel friendly.

The C300 MKII Housing shares many features with its Gates cinema housing cousins including full camera and lens control, support for over 150 EF and PL mount lenses, External Monitor options, and Gates Precision ports for no-compromises image quality.

Key features:

  • Durable: “Bulletproof” machined aluminum, black type III ‘hard’ anodize finish and sealed with a nickel-acetate process
  • Included Starlite ST5 External Monitor: The ultralight, feature-rich ST5 Monitor is designed specifically for the Transvideo Starlite HD5 OLED field monitor. Other External Monitors like EM43 and TVL55 are optional.
  • FIZ Control Made Easy: Set the Focus / Iris / Zoom knobs just the way you like: close, mid or stacked. Fine lens adjustments were never easier
  • Over 150 Supported Lenses: The C300 MKII Housing is designed to accommodate a wide variety of EF and PL mount lenses.
  • The Gates Seal Check II is included and assures housing integrity before entering the water
  • Accessories Suite: An extensive set of accessories is available for cinema, natural history, broadcast TV, research, military and many more applications
  • Clean. Uncomplicated: User friendly field serviceable controls are 100% mechanical. No complex mechanisms
  • Grip it your way: Adjust the handle grips to fit your hand / glove and perfect control access
  • Perfect Buoyancy and Trim: Any seasoned professional pro knows the key to stable, fluid shots is a perfectly neutral and balanced rig. Gates Trim Weight system adjusts for any lens / monitor / accessory configuration
  • Precision Ports: Quality Optics means clarity, sharpness and no vignetting (cutoff dark corners) to ruin your images
  • Field Serviceable: Gates products are nearly 100% serviceable in the field



Controls (All Mechanical)
  • Manual 3 Axis Lens Control (Focus / Iris / Zoom)
  • Power
  • Record/Standby
  • ND Filter
  • Assign 1/2    Assign 3/4
  • Select / Set
  • White Balance Set / Playback
  • Menu
  • Cancel
  • Function / Backlight

Dimensions: Basic Shell

Transport size.  Housing + SP80 Dome Port

  • 13.8″ L x 8.7″ H x 8.6″ W ”
  • 35 cm x 22 cm x 21.8 cm

Fully assembled with Starlite monitor, handles, SP80 Dome Port

  • 13.8″ L x 16″ H x 13.1″ W ”
  • 35 cm x 40 cm x 33.2 cm


  • Machined Aluminum, Type III Hard Anodized finish.
  • Stainless steel hardware.

Weight in Air:

  • Transport: 20.3 lbs / 9.2 kg (Housing + SP80 Glass Port)

Weight in Water:

  • Fully adjustable buoyancy / trim.

Depth Rating:

  • 300feet / 92meters.


  • Canon BP-A30 and BP-A60.
  • Canon LP-E6 Battery required to use Starlite ST5 External Monitor

C300 MKII Items Required:

(Basic set. See Supported Equipment  for more info)

  • Canon EOS-C300 MKII Camera.
  • Batteries;
    • Canon BP-A30 and BP-A60.
    • Canon LP-E6 Battery for use with Starlite ST5 External Monitor.
  • Media.
  • LENS of choice GATES Lens Compatibility Reference
  • Transvideo Starlite HD5 or HD5+ LCD

What´s included: Camera Housing, ST5 LCD Housing, Seal Check Unit, Tool Kit, Spares Kit, Weight Kit, Port Cleaner, O-Ring Kit, Hard-Sided Shipping Case