Ikelite 40051 DS51 Mark II underwater TTL strobe


Ikelite 4044.1 DS51 TTL underwater strobe


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Ikelite 40051 DS51 Mark II underwater TTL strobe

The size and weight of the Ikelite 40051 DS51 Mark II TTL underwater flash as well as the use of commercially available AAA batteries, which can be easily obtained anywhere in the world, make it the perfect choice for traveling underwater photographers. The intensity and beam angle of the DS51 Mark II are comparable to any flash in its class.

Light is the most important thing you can add to an underwater picture to enhance your underwater photos. The second most important thing is the right amount of light. And a digitally wired flash, the amount of light of which is controlled directly by the camera itself using the data measured by TTL, is always the ideal solution.

The advantages of the Ikelite 40051 DS51 Mark II

  • Unobstructed view of the battery compartment seal
  • Weighs less than 500g
  • Uses standard AAA batteries
  • true TTL and remote slave options
  • Quality product, “made in USA”

Ready to travel

If size and weight are your main criteria, the DS51 II is for you. The DS51 II is one of the smallest and lightest flash units in its class, weighing less than a pound (443 g) per flash unit. The compact size makes it easy to position the flash for macro, super macro and near focus wide angle.

Real TTL exposure

TTL flash exposure uses your camera’s sophisticated light metering system to automatically adjust the flash output. In TTL flash mode, the camera fires a pre-flash – before the picture is taken – and uses the information it receives back to adjust the output in time for the photo. Our range of proprietary TTL converters translate this signal for correct underwater flash exposure using Ikelite DS flashes. Just leave the flash on the TTL setting and focus on the composition and camera exposure settings.

The advantages of TTL measurement are far greater than just variable flash output. TTL improves recycling time, enables continuous shooting and saves battery life for both your camera and your flash. TTL is crucial when shooting fast-moving subjects, large and small.

Scope of delivery:

  • DS51 Blitz battery compartment # 9440.45 (installed)
  • Diffuser # 0591.2 (installed)
  • 1 ″ ball mount # 4081.4 (installed)
  • Waterproof bulkhead cap # 9104.7 (installed)
  • Silicone lubricant 1cc tube
  • 2 year factory guarantee


  • rated dive depth: 100 meters
  • Power: 1 to 50 Ws
  • Beam angle: 80º with the supplied diffuser
  • Capacity control: 6 stops in 1/2 stop steps
  • Color temperature: 5700K
  • Guide number at 1m (ISO 100): 17 at full power
  • Flashes per charge: 300 to 1000 depending on the power setting
  • Recharge time: 0.1 to 3.5 seconds, depending on the power setting
  • Electrical sync connector: Ikelite ICS 5-pin bulkhead
  • Battery: 4 AA cells alkaline, NiMH or NiCad (not included)
  • Dimensions: 81 mm diameter x 119 mm length
  • Weight: 443 grams without batteries or bracket
  • Buoyancy: Neutral in fresh water


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