Ikelite 1887.4 Tubing Mount Kit for Gamma


Ikelite 1887.4 Tubing Mount kit for gamma

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Ikelite 1887.4 Tubing Mount Kit for Gamma

This mount kit is super lightweight, flexible, and includes the essentials to use your Gamma as a focus assist or macro video light. The tubing mount attaches to any Ikelite 3/4″ flex arm as featured on the AF35 AutoFlash, or around any stem mount at Ikelite release handle (Ikelite product numbers 9571.3 / 9571.31 / 9573.3 / 9573.31, not included). Gamma flashlight sold separately.


  • Diffuser with Lanyard # 1870
  • Tubing Mount for Gamma # 1884


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