Ikelite 4061.2 DS161 Underwater Strobe (without battery pack)


Ikelite 4061.2 DS161 Underwater strobe (without battery pack)

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Ikelite 4061.2 DS161 Underwater strobe (without battery pack)

Technical data:

– 90 m dive depth
– TTL mode with compatible Ikelite TTL systems
– Manual power Saving modes in 10 1/2 increments
– 500 lumens-45 ° LED video light
– Color Temperature 4800K
– Guide number 24 m at ISO 100
– Detection angle 90 ° without diffuser-100 ° with Diffuser
– Over 450 full power flashes per charge (Li-ion)
– Over 225 full power flashes per charge (NIMH)
– Up to 3x as many flashes per load in TTL or broken potencies
– Charging time 1.4 seconds or less (Li-Ion)
– Charging time 1.6 seconds or less (NIMH)
– Ikelite ICS 5-pole Schott
– almost neutral buoyancy in salt water, with a Li-ion battery

Included: Strobe front, Diffuser # 0591.3, Bulkhead Cap # 9104.5, Silicone Lubricant 1cc Tube

This strobe front is compatible with NiCad, NiMH, and Li-ion battery packs as featured on our DS161, DS160, and DS125 strobes. Battery pack sold separately.

A battery pack is required for operation of this strobe front. Use only working Ikelite Li-ion (Product Number 4067.2, Product Number 4067), NiMH (Product Number 4066.5), or NiCad (Product Number 4066) battery packs. Please note that older battery packs may not provide optimal number of flashes per charge or recycle times.

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