Ikelite 46072 CT2K Canon TTL Kit with Hotshoe


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Ikelite 46072 CT2K Canon TTL Kit with Hotshoe

Add true TTL communication to your Ikelite DSLR or mirrorless housing to unlock the fastest rapid-firing and most accurate strobe exposure available with this Ikelite 46072 CT2K Canon TTL Kit with Hotshoe. The TTL converter fits securely into the housing underneath the camera mounting tray with plug-and-play cabling for quick, simple installation.

Using TTL (“Thru-the-lens”) metering, the camera evaluates the amount of light in the scene and the position of the subject and adjusts the external strobe(s)’ power accordingly for a properly lit photo. All you need to do is set the strobe on TTL and pull the trigger.

A direct electrical connection to the strobe by sync cord means that the camera is aware that an external strobe is attached and can use this information for more accurate exposure. Strobe exposure compensation can be added or subtracted through the camera’s menus.

Ikelites internal TTL circuitry and hot shoe is designed for use with select Ikelite housings for Canon DSLR and mirrorless cameras, see Housing Compatibility below. Not intended for use with non-Ikelite housings.


  • 200FL Housing for Canon EOS R # 71760

Not compatible with any other models except as listed above. Not intended for use with non-Ikelite housings

Strobe Compatibility:

  • Ikelite DS50 above serial # 70000
  • Ikelite DS51
  • Ikelite DS125 above serial # 5000
  • Ikelite DS160, DS161
  • Ikelite DS200 above serial # 7163

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