Marumi 55mm CC-B/N UW red filter – tropics


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Bring more warm colours into your photo. The Marumi 55mm CC-B / N UW red filter for “blue” water suppresses the blue and green color tones and allows the red in your picture to come into its own again.
With the underwater red filters, one differentiates between “blue” (tropical waters and the Red Sea) and “green” (our inland waters, the Mediterranean, North and Baltic Seas) water. This underwater filter is a filter for “blue”, tropical water.
The filter is screwed directly to the lens. With ewa-marine underwater housings between the lens and CA adapters
This filter is suitable for lenses with a 55mm filter thread. With the appropriate reducing adapters from our range, it can also be used on lenses with a smaller filter thread.

Please note:
The use of these filters is generally only recommended for depths of 10m or more. At shallower depths, the images have a strong reddish cast. Please also note that the filter can only intensify the red light and does not “conjure up” red into the picture where there is none. Due to the system, the filters also lead to longer exposure times or higher ISO numbers.

Quality made in Japan.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 cm

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