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Save money and buy cheaper B-grade!SALE at marinSolar

Quality doesn’t always have to be expensive. There are always bargains available that you can buy for less and save money.

As part of the production process, at our factory in Wolfratshausen, Germany, some of the units of a production run fall foul of our quality assurance and are sorted out. These are products that are functional, waterproof and technically flawless, but are “ugly” because of some cosmetic reason. These are mostly light scratches, colour flaws or classed as “ugly”, because too thick, welded seams. Therefore not suitable for sale in retail or our export. But much to good to just throw away.

We therefore offer you these housings here, in our factory outlet, at a price somewhat cheaper as usual.
Use the oportunity, buy cheap and save money! The housings are fully waterproof, technically flawless (no flaws in the glass of the front port) and have the normal factory warranty of two years.

ewa-marine U-A100 flexible housing

The U-A100 SLR underwater housing can be used on small boats, in the surf, while swimming, snorkeling or diving. It`s easy to operate the camera as its various components and buttons can be operated through the PVC.

The most common, current application is in video production. And to then use this housing with a Sony A7, an adapter like the Metabones and one of the large diameter Canon lenses.

The U-A100 is designed to fit almost all common SLR cameras on the market today, irrespective of the manufacturer or model. With this housing, a whole new world of applications opens up for your standard SLR camera: Inside the housing you can now take the camera safely canoeing, snorkeling or even diving, up to a depth of 20 m / 60 ft.

The ewa-marine U-A 100 underwater housing is manufactured from special, double laminated PVC and has an integrated, optically neutral flat glass as a front port. With this housing you will receive an 82mm filter adapter and a RA77-82 step-up ring. By means of these adapters the camera is then docked into the housings front port, ensuring that the lens remains parallel and centered behind the front of the lens. Just as if it were a clear, neutral optical filter.

If the optional BF1 lead weight is inserted into the housing, underneath the camera, it becomes even easier to reach the maximum depth.

It has a pair of non-corrosive and seawater resistant clamping rails which fit together for perfect sealing.They tighten by means of three screw knobs. There is also the practical, adjustable carry strap on the clamping rail.

As off 2019, our U-A100 is now shipped with the new ewa-marine safety-wrist-strap. Simply slip your hand through the loop at the bottom and, if the camera accidentally falls out of your hand, the loop automatically locks and secures the underwater case to your wrist. And yet it is easy and quick to open, when required, with the integrated buckle.

Technical Data:

Overall Maximum Width of Camera  = 170 mm max. (6 2/3 inches)
Length of camera PLUS lens  = 170 mm max. (6 2/3 inches)
housing hight  = 135 mm (5 1/3 inches)
max. filter diameter  = 82 mm
 Weight  = 380g (13,5 lbs)

You will receive the following accessories with your new U-A100 housing:

  • CA82 adapter (for 82mm filter thread)
  • RA77-82 step-up ring
  • sachet of Camera-Dry silica-gel
  • foam padding (can be removed to accommodate battery grip or weights)
  • ewa-marine packaging

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 43 × 31 × 16 cm
Hergestellt in:



20m / 60ft

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