ewa-marine U-AZ100 underwater housing


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ewa-marine U-AZ100 flexible housing

Their use on boats, surfing, swimming or snorkeling is easy, because the cameras used in the housing can be operated from outside as normal and thus the user gets interesting pictures without any special knowledge and practice.

The enclosure is designed for the normal, commercially-accepted autofocus SLR cameras of the leading manufacturers. With the U-AZ You can now take your camera safely into the water. Whether for sailing, canoeing, snorkeling or even scuba diving up to the depths of 20m.

The possibility of using a strong telephoto lens in this enclosure makes the U-AZ especially interesting for canoeists, canyoning and other photographers who take pictures of the water from animals and birds.

The possibility to insert the Ewa-Marine BF1 Photolead under the camera in the housing allows a dive up to a maximum depth of 20 m. Experienced UW-photographers have reached this depth in their tests and found that the autofocus is working exactly and the firing with flash light is working normally. The high water pressure is compensated by the input of abundant air, so that in the housing IMM the ambient pressure prevails. This is not the only reason why the ewa-marine housings are the safe solution for every water sportsman’s camera.

The housing is made of special foil and has an integrated optical glass port. A bulge is installed in the housing for the additional flash that is offered as standard in many cameras.

The closure of the housing consists of two clamping rails that are screwed together with three screws, thereby sealing the housing waterproof.

Turn your camera into an underwater camera!

Technical data

Length 17-23 cm
Width 17 cm
Height 13.5 cm
Diameter of the front port 75 mm (2 15/16 inches)
Diameter of your lens 82 mm max. filter thread diameter
Weight 380 g

You get the following accessories with your new U-AZ housing:

  • Yellow nylon bag for transport and storage
  • Instruction manual for ewa-marine SLR-housings
  • Desiccant CD5
  • Foam Inserts
  • CA-82 adapter for 82mm filter thread
  • RA82-77 sep up adater

If you want to use a lens with 72mm filter thread size, we recommend the U-AZ housing with larger -100 front port and additional step-up ring RA72-82. Please contact us!

Optional accessories:

  • Silica gel
  • Cable exit
  • Base plate

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 43 × 31 × 16 cm
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Dive depth

20m / 60ft

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