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ewa-marine VFSX underwater housing

The ewa-marine VFSX underwater housing is specially designed for the revolutionary Sony PXW-FS7 4K Super 35mm XDCAM camcorder and is suitable for up to 10m dive depth.

The VFSX housing is made of laminated, extra-strong special foil. It has an integrated optical mineral glass pane as a top port that surpasses the optical quality requirements of 4K video. The device has a wide intervention so that the user can hold and carry the camera over its upper handle, as well as a total of seven “finger gloves” which allow the cameraman to turn on/off, iris, white balance, the lens and various menus on the camera to Use.

The closure of the housing consists of two clamping rails, which are screwed together with four screws, thereby sealing the housing waterproof.

The monitor on the back of the camera is ideal for use around the water surface. So you can immerse the lens underwater and film underwater while still having water, without diving goggles, a good view in the monitor. Furthermore, you will find that this is also an ideal position for use in scuba diving. A large, extra-clear monitor window is integrated into the housing so that you can place the viewfinder in the ideal position for the desired application.

It is ideal for snorkelling, diving (up to 10m), on the beach, in the desert, in rainy weather or in areas with high humidity. This enclosure gives your camera the best possible protection while remaining fully functional.

Lead weights can be attached to the straps on the bottom of the case to confronting the housing.


Length (on the ground) 33cm
Width (on bottom) 12 cm
Position of the viewfinder Top/Rear
Diameter of the front port 100mm
Weight 1.80 kg

You will receive the following accessories with your new VFSX housing:

  • Black nylon bag for transport and storage
  • Instruction manual for ewa-marine housing
  • Desiccant CD5
  • Foam padding
  • CA82 adapter
  • RA77-82 step-up adapter

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 78 × 46 × 16 cm
Hergestellt in:



10m / 30ft

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