Ikelite 40821 Wide angle ball arm V2 for quick release handle



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Wide angle ball arm V2 for quick release handle

The wide-angle ball arm is the most popular choice for any mirrorless or DSLR camera system. The two-section arm can be easily adjusted on the fly and is perfect for every shooting scenario from macro close-ups to super wide angles.

The unique slotted arm sections provide the ability to add a top cable handle or mount an additional lightweight accessory almost anywhere along an arm’s length by adding a sliding ball mount.

The Ikelite V2 ball clamps offer improved holding power and a more comfortable grip for adjusting the wing nut. Our 1″ ball components feature a groove and o-ring to prevent slippage to improve holding power with less force. Underwater the clamps can be finger tightened to hold the light in place but allow for repositioning without loosening the clamp.

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