Ikelite 69748 Underwater Housing for Canon EOS R8


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Ikelite 6974 Underwater Housing for Canon EOS R8

On release, the Canon EOS R8 in our 200DLM Underwater Housing is the smallest, most powerful compact mirrorless camera system to date. It is as powerful as the Canon EOS R6 Mark II in a form factor half the size and weight. If you can live without a 2nd SD card slot and in-body image stabilization, then you will benefit from choosing this model.

Lens choice, image quality, and autofocus performance, and capture speed are the greatest strengths of the Canon EOS R8 system. When combined with a DS160 or DS230 strobe you can take advantage of high fps burst shooting to capture the perfect moment of a moving subject.

Choose the right port system for the lens you will be shooting. A compatible lens mount is required for waterproof operation (sold separately) Link

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